We are here for the Animals

Our Mission : To improve the lives of the domestic animals of Mauritius and to reduce the population of stray dogs and cats in a humane way.

Our vision : That Mauritius will, one day, be also known as a paradise for Animals.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

It is all about love and compassion

Why PAWS Exists?

It is a very sad fact that sick stray dogs, abandoned puppies in sugar cane fields, Chained skinny & mangy dogs have become a common sight in Mauritius... worst an ACCEPTED sight!!
Renamed across the world for being a Paradise, Mauritius is definitely not one for Animals.  

This is why PAWS Exists.

To provide free sterilization facilities to people who cannot afford treatment at a private vet… because abandoning puppies by the side of the road is easier and cost less than spaying surgeries.


To rescue unwanted litters of puppies and kittens, care for then and find new loving families for them… because at PAWS every animal’s life is valued.

To go to schools and social centers around the island to sensitize and teach people and the maximum number of children how to care for their pets… because they have not been taught how to and we cannot blame them for ill treatment on animals. 
Ignorance is the reason and Education is the solution.

 because at PAWS we care...